NORDIC SOUNDS in Munich (Regional München)


  • 31. Oktober 2020
  • 10:00
  • tba

SA31/10/20 10:00 Uhr – 17:00 Uhr

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Elisa Seppänen
is a music educator from Finland. She has a Masters degree in music pedagogical studies from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. She is specialised in early childhood music education and Orff pedagogy. Elisa runs workshops specialising in music and movement for music teachers and kindergarten teachers. Elisa Seppänen is a musician with personal interests ranging from rhythm collectives and folk music to traditional and classical music styles.

Soili Perkiö
has studied music education at the Sibelius Academy, Helsinki and in the Carl Orff-Institute, Salzburg. She is specialised in music and movement, folk music and early childhood music education. Since 1995 Soili has been a lecturer in Sibelius Academy, Helsinki. She has taught at educational conferences on all continents. Soili has made TV and radio programs for children. She has composed music for dance, theatre and songs for children. Soili has written over 70 music books and audio material for general music education, elementary school and early childhood music education.


Pedagogical diversity – adapting music and dance from Nordic traditions to your own teaching and teaching situation.

Welcome to sing, play and dance with Soili Perkiö and Elisa Seppänen, Finland

Music and dance are a vital element of all cultures. The music tradition of each culture provides a distinct insight into what is common and where we differ. The purpose of this educational collection is to bring us closer to each other through understanding and enjoying each other’s music and dance traditions whilst giving those outside the Nordic area an opportunity to celebrate with us.

Pädagogische Vielfalt – Anpassung von Musik und Tanz aus nordischen Traditionen an Ihre eigene Lehr- und Unterrichtssituation.

Willkommen zum Singen, Spielen und Tanzen mit Soili Perkiö und Elisa Seppänen, Finnland

Musik und Tanz sind ein wesentliches Element jeder Kultur. Die Musiktraditionen jeder Kultur bieten Einblicke in das, was gemeinsam ist und wo sie sich unterscheiden. Der Zweck dieser pädagogischen Sammlung ist die kulturelle Annäherung, indem die Musik- und Tanztraditionen des jeweils anderen miterlebt werden. Nordic Sounds lädt ein, die nordische Musik- und Tanzkultur kennen zu lernen und sie gemeinsam zu feiern.

Nordic Sounds -educational material for music and dance” is available as eBook:

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